Die After Sunset; Цифровая версия; Платформа: PS5

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Help build Wayfinder alongside Airship Syndicate during two Seasons made exclusively for Founders! Leap into Early Access with the gear to match! Get instant access to the new Wayfinder, Venomess along with 4200 Runesilver, stylish clothing sets and Weapon Skins, exclusive Founder’s items available for a limited time and much more!

The Exalted Founder’s Pack includes:

4200 Runesilver
Wayfinder Early Access
Founder’s Season 1 Premium Pass
Founder’s Season 2 Premium Pass
3 Wayfinder Tokens

Heroic Kyros and Ascendant Style Set
Wingrave’s Knight of the Throne Style Set
Niss’ Shadow Nation Style Set
Silo’s Firestarter Style Set
Exalted Dye Pack
Heroic Kyros Emote

Enchanted Tower Compass

Highlands Longma Mount and Saddle
Rimehunter Cub Pet

Charger’s Sickle Sword & Shield Skin
Stormsong Dagger Skin
Arcbolt Rifle Skin

Founder’s Housing Decoration Set
Founder’s Dye Set
Founder’s Glyph Pack
Founder’s Evenor Acolyte Glyph
Founder’s Initiate Glyph
Founder’s Awakened Glyph
Founder’s Exalted Glyph
Founder’s Flags Profile Background
Founder’s Title – Wayfounder
Founder’s Title – Original
Founder’s Title – Crewmember
Founder’s Title – Precursor

Please note the following delivered items will become usable or customizable at a later date:
Highlands Longma Mount and Saddle
Banners, Titles, Glyphs

This pack may only be purchased once per account and is available for a limited time. Please note, Wayfinder will be launching as a Free-to-Play title in Feb 2024 and will not require a purchase at that time. The character portrayed was customized using colors from the Founder’s Dye Set and the Heroic Dye Set that comes with Heroic Kyros.


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